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KHK Kunststoff Recycling GmbH is engaged in recycling PVC from windowframe off-cuts and roller shutters.

The company's main office is located in St. Ingbert, in the direct vicinity of the federal state's capital, Saarbrücken, and hence also very near the French border.
The excellent location enables KHK to work and serve its two key markets, France and Germany, in an equally optimized manner.
In addition to this, the company offers all the other national regions in central Europe and the new EU member states a similarly good service, and top consultancy.
Thanks to the comprehensive skills and industry knowledge of the company's management and entire team, KHK has been able to become one of the most important providers of PVC recycling services in France and Germany since its inception in 2009.
And where the recycling of PVC materials is concerned, KHK generates an annual total capacity volume of ca. 10,000 t.